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Morning of Hope

Join us for OpenDoor's First Annual Morning of Hope Breakfast 2024!

We welcome our special guest, Hilary Phelps, sister of Olympic swim champion Michael Phelps, as well as seven-time Emmy Award winning journalist Angela An.


Thank you to our Sponsors!

Healing Sponsors

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with women on their journey of recovery to reclaim their lives and embrace long term sobriety, fostering holistic healing and renewed purpose. 

OpenDoor Women's Recovery Alliance is a grassroots, boots on the ground, nonprofit organization serving the most vulnerable women in our community, women in recovery from substance use disorder. OpenDoor provides one-year of free services to women as they transition from treatment and/or incarceration to a drug-free life.

A group of four to six community volunteers make a year commitment to act as a team of mentors, encouragers, and advocates for each woman while cultivating relationships that last long beyond the year. 


This transitional relationship fills the void that exists between incarceration, treatment, or a court ordered program to sustainable recovery.

We need your help! We need you to open your heart. We cannot do this without YOU!


“There is no greater gift to yourself than the gift of helping others. OpenDoor Women's Recovery Alliance allows you to help someone help themselves, making the gift last a lifetime!” - Theresa, Volunteer

Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the lotus produces the most beautiful flower.

hope, help, and healing

Core Values

We are Committed - We are dedicated to staying on the journey for as long as it takes.  


We are Respectful - We value everybody and embrace the whole person. 


We are Transformational - We build timeless relationships and strengthen communities. 


We are Innovative - Our approach is different than traditional programs.  

Our Story

OpenDoor founders Tammy, Leslie, and Rachel

OpenDoor Women's Recovery Alliance was founded by three moms...

Leslie Kristoff, Rachel Muha, & Tammy Foeller brought together by the pain caused from substance use disorder. Two of us desperate for our daughters, Samantha & Stephanie to stop using drugs and one devastated by the death of her son Brian, murdered by men high on drugs.

OpenDoor Women's Recovery Alliance is our response to the opioid epidemic that has ravaged our community.

Offering Hope, Help, and Healing to women in recovery from addiction while supporting their transition to a healthy & drug-free life.

Three moms. One vision. Many goals.

Our lives brought together by sadness, pain, heartache and now... HOPE • HELP • HEALING

We need your help.
We need you to open your heart.
We cannot do this without you.

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